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Bodily InjuryInsurance Terminology

If you cause an accident and somebody else gets hurt, you might have to pay their medical bills or reimburse them for their lost wages. Paying someone else’s bills or salary could put a serious strain on your budget which is why you have Bodily Injury Liability coverage. It helps protect your money and manage risks.

Property Damage

One fact of driving is, when there’s an accident, there’s probably going to be damage. If you are responsible, Property Damage Liability coverage typically pays for damage to the other driver’s car and property.
It really comes in handy when you’ve got to pay for something that’s not yours.

Property Protection

This kind of protection usually covers when you damage somebody else’s property like hitting a parked car or a fence. It really comes in handy when you’ve got to pay for something that’s not yours

Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist

Most states require insurance. But still there are individuals out there who like to “live on the edge” and drive without it or drive without adequate insurance. If they run into you and hurt you or somebody in your car, they might not have their own liability insurance or their liability insurance levels may not be adequate to compensate you fully for any injury or damages. Uninsured/Under-insured coverage covers for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Medical Payments

Medical expenses can add up very quickly. So, that’s why this coverage is important to you. This component of the insurance will pay for any reasonable and necessary medical expenses you might incur and thus financially protect you from medical bills related to an accident

Collision Coverage

In case you get in an accident, chances are your car probably needs to be fixed or replaced. If you have collision coverage, it normally pays for damage to your car that’s caused by a collision in excess of your deductible amount.

Comprehensive Coverage

It need not always be that your car is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes, damages can result from completely unanticipated and unlikely events like damage due to falling tree limb, falling debris, or vehicle theft or what have you. Comprehensive coverage is designed to cover all that. In other words, it usually pays for any damage to your vehicle that’s not caused by a collision in excess of your deductible amount.

Personal Injury Protection

In case of an accident, this component of insurance helps you and the people in your car if someone gets hurt because of unplanned and unanticipated expenses like medical expenses, lost wages, bills etc.

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