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Competetive PricingInsurance is like many other products and services – before comparing price, compare the product. Coverage, claims service, filings service, risk control and the overall longevity and expertise the company delivers, are all key factors in determining whether the price you receive is competitive.

One of your largest expenditures will be insurance costs. Not only do you want to look for a fair rate from your carrier, you should also have flexibility in your options to finance your premium, which may include installment payment and monthly reporting options.

Just like buying a truck, not all of them are the same. There’s usually a reason for differences in price. What may cost a little more now, may be well worth it when you have a claim, a filing issue or want assistance with safety questions. At ASI, our truck insurance experts review and evaluate competing insurance quotes from over 30 reputable insurance companies and evaluate for factors like coverages, services, and company claims expertise so you can be assured of the best possible coverage at the lowest price levels.

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