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At All Solutions Insurance, we understand that Restaurant business is one of the toughest in the industry. Besides the cyclical nature of business and complexities like overheads, produce costs etc., there is a plethora of regulations, inspections and standards to maintain. The last thing you as a restaurant owner should worry about is being adequately insured in case of any unforeseen problems. Over more than 15 years, ASI has been a specialist in working with Restaurant owners, to help you insure your various risks. We are proud to handle the insurance and risk management needs of hundreds of restaurant throughout California and the U.S. At ASI, we have several policies tailored to protect you against unique business risks including:

  • Theft, fire or vandalism
  • Injuries to patrons (public liability)
  • Art objects, Wine collections, Antiques
  • Loss of income following a claim
  • Loss of billings following a publicized food poisoning incident
  • Loss of items belonging to patrons (e.g.: theft in the cloakroom)
  • Embezzlement
  • Loss or wear and tear of cash and assets on and off the premises
  • Accidental equipment breakdowns (particularly refrigeration units)
We also provide policies for:
  • Automobiles and trucks
  • Workers compensation
  • Directors’ & officers liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Group life & health
  • Umbrella / excess liability

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