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San Bernardino police use a creative strategy

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Police use a creative strategy

Posted by All Solutions Insurance | Posted On July 30th, 2015 | General, ticket




The San Bernardino police use a creative strategy which they stood on the side of a highway off-ramp, wearing plain clothes, and holding a sign that reads ‘I am not homeless. SB Police. Looking for seat belt / cell phone violations.’  The police officer appeared to be homeless, and that’s what a lot of motorists assumed him to be.

“By 11 am, 53 drivers had been stopped and 50 citations written: 33 for cellphone violations and 15 for seat belt violations. Five vehicles were impounded because drivers were unlicensed or driving on suspended licenses. Its not the first time San Bernardino  police have used a clever ruse to catch illegal activity. There was a notorious sting at an adult club 15 years ago, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, police want to drive home the message that texting or talking on your handheld cellphone while driving is dangerous, and seat belts save lives. Its legal to talk on your cellphone while driving in California only if you use a hands-free device. Texting while driving is flat-out against the law.  Heres how the sting worked:

When the plainclothes officers saw a motorist talking on a hand-held cellphone or texting, or saw a driver not wearing a seat belt, they radioed motorcycle officers waiting nearby to pull them over. Business was so brisk, the undercover officers had to wait for the motor officers to finish writing tickets before dispatching them after more lawbreakers. ” (Macduff – The Press Enterpirse)





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