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Get Discounts on Car Insurance with Car Safety Ratings

Posted by All Solutions Insurance | Posted On January 17th, 2015 | Car Safety Ratings, General

If you are in the market for a new or used auto, it is almost always a good idea to check into the cost of insurance before finalizing your purchase. Generally speaking, expensive cars are also more costly to insure. Moreover, every vehicle has a safety rating that may affect the cost of your premium. Ask your All Solutions Insurance agent for a free rate quote and how to get discounts on car insurance with car safety ratings.

Factory-installed safety features often qualify for premium discounts. For example, air bags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft systems are the most common features that may earn you discounts on your insurance policy. Anti-lock brakes, in particular, often head the list of auto safety features. Certain states—such as Florida, New Jersey and New York give a discount for this feature. Daytime running lights may also qualify for a discount, as well as automatic seat belts.

After-market installations of automatic seat belts, car alarms and anti-theft devices may also qualify for car safety discounts.file2661298299296

In some states, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) window etching qualifies for a discount. After-market window etching, in particular, tends to be fairly inexpensive and is occasionally offered through local police departments as part of local vehicle theft prevention initiatives.

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