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Posted by All Solutions Insurance | Posted On June 1st, 2015 | fire prevention services, General

“State lawmakers passed the fee in 2011 to fund fire prevention services in the face of a $25 billion budget shortfall. The fee applies to more than 800,000 rural properties in the State Responsibility Area, a 31 million-acre zone where the state bears financial responsibility for preventing and extinguishing wildfires.

About 1 million acres of the area is in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Roughly 32,000 properties in Riverside County and 62,000 properties in San Bernardino County are subject to the fee, which took in $143.5 million in fiscal 2013-14.

The fee applies to habitable structures, and there is a $35 discount if the building is covered by a local fire protection district. Homeowners used to be charged $150 a year until the state Board of Forestry and Fire Protection raised the fee $2.33 to keep pace with inflation.

Complaints and appeals of the fee have gone down, according to Cal Fire. Calls to a fee service center went from almost 161,000 in fiscal 2011-12 to fewer than 68,000 in fiscal 2013/14, said Sam Walker, a staff chief and fire-prevention fund administrator based in Sacramento.

The number of appeal decisions went from almost 110,000 in fiscal 2011-12 to fewer than 20,000 in fiscal 2013/14.”

To complete the State of California Fire Prevention Fee Petition For Redetermination , please click here — PetitionFormEN_2015 (English) ——— PetitionFormSP_2015 (Spanish)

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